Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Bi Line company offers Cloud computing services that are crucial in having secure data, maintaining flexibility and productivity, in some cases reducing hardware and software costs, running all workload data over the Internet, being fast, reliable and scaling elastically.

Cloud services benefit your business as they increase flexibility and mobility, maximize on-demand support, and minimize security risks and risks of data loss.

Cloud computing is the best solution for healthcare and financial organizations, real estate agencies, IT companies, marketing companies, insurance, hospitality and legal industry, etc.

Bi Line provides the following enterprise cloud services:

  • Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting helps recognize and identify the cloud needs of the company. It includes consultations for the management, business case, process descriptions and policies, plan, design, guidance on cloud transformation and knowledge transfer, infrastructure configuration reviews, and code reviews. Bi Line company’s professional team will come up with the best ideas for your business.

  • Private Cloud infrastructure implementation

A private cloud often serves the requirements of a single business and is frequently purpose-built to match a specific infrastructure and use case. Either a colocation data center or on-site hosting are options. A private cloud provides increased security, regulatory compliance and improved resource utilization. If you can’t use public cloud for some reasons Bi Line company will be glad to help you with private cloud implementation.

  • Transformation of existing public and private cloud infrastructures into a hybrid one

Today, no one relies on the public cloud, so they turn to a hybrid cloud. In order to establish a single, flexible, ideal cloud environment for operating a company’s computing workloads, hybrid clouds are IT infrastructure that connects at least one public cloud and at least one private cloud and offers orchestration, management, and application mobility across them.

Your transformation will be completed successfully with Bi Line company, that has certified professionals for this and other purposes.

  • Cloud Migration

If you want to move your data Bi Line company is here to help. Bi Line offers Cloud migration which expects moving a company’s digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, etc. into the cloud. Cloud migration can also be completed by switching from one cloud computing provider to another.

  • Cloud Management and Monitoring

Reviewing, inspecting, and managing the operational workflow of a cloud-based IT infrastructure is done by Bi Line company’s professionals through cloud monitoring. The performance and availability of websites, servers, applications, and other cloud infrastructure are confirmed by manual or automated management procedures.

  • Cloud Data & Analytics

Cloud analytics is the practice of applying analytic algorithms to data stored in a private or public cloud and then delivering the desired outcome. To find patterns in data and extract fresh insights, cloud analytics entails the combination of scalable cloud computing with strong analytical tools. If this seems complicated just trust it to professionals, Bi Line can provide you with the professionals and will guarantee the best outcome of the work.

  • DevOps

To improve the pace and quality of software deployment ask Bi Line company for help. Its team consists of developers and IT operations personnel that collaborate throughout the product lifecycle. They work on continuous integration, delivery, and automation. Bi Line company provides continuous integration, delivery, microservices, monitoring and logging, and finally, communication and collaboration.