Endpoint Solutions

Endpoint Solutions

Every company strives for a good atmosphere for its staff where boosting morale is the end goal.
Nowadays everything is different than it was in the past. Rethinking flexible workspaces to accommodate various forms of work, workers, and technology is a workplace transformation.
In the past a large portion of our organized, process-focused work has been mechanized or outsourced. The work that has to be done nowadays is unstructured, complex, and heavily collaborative. We require adaptable workspaces that enable us to work in creative teams as well as focus without interruption.
The workplace must change in order to remain innovative, compete in a global market, and draw in and keep the greatest personnel.
The below described solutions that BI line offers can help you transform your workplace and increase workforce productivity.

Endpoint Solutions

The effectiveness of individuals and teams in the modern workplace greatly depends on having the correct device. Users must have the flexibility to work from home, at the workplace, or while traveling.
Bi Line will help you to meet end-user needs without violating enterprise security protocols or compromising confidential data by providing End User Computing Solutions.
Bi Line provides not only endpoint hardware such as notebooks, PCs, Workstations, Thin Clients, Tablets, Displays, and Printers but also complete enterprise solutions..

Bi Line experience ranges from BYOD policy refinement to device lifecycle features, including:

• Automated device configuration, requisitioning, and onboarding according to corporate
• Global device and content management
• A device, network, and data security
• Delivery of enterprise-sanctioned apps
• Geo-location services and remote “wipe”; functionality

Virtual desktops are transforming the enterprise

If you want a setup where all your software and the desktop interface are kept in safe and are available from any device and any place , then you need virtual desktops.
A virtualization solution called virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) uses virtual machines to create and maintain virtual desktops. On a centralized server, VDI hosts desktop environments and makes them available to end users upon request. Via a network using an endpoint device.
Here are some benefits of VDI:
• Manageability
• Flexibility
• Accessibility
• User Experience

Bi Line’s experience in planning, designing, and implementing successful virtual desktop
infrastructure (VDI) projects can help you avoid costly mistakes that derail your virtual desktop
implementations. These might include:

• Inaccurate environment sizing that contributes to bottlenecks
• Potential performance issues, such as boot storms
• Incorrect architecture
• Often-overlooked network or storage requirements for VDI

If you’re making the switch to thin desktops, trust Bi Line as the partner that will help you
smoothly navigate your organization’s transition.

Collaborative Solutions

The collaborative solution enables communication and collaboration on a grand scale. Bi Line provides reliable and secure collaborative solutions.
Bi Line may help to implement the following collaboration tools։

• Online Whiteboards Collaboration
• Project Management
• Shared Calendars
• Instant Messaging
• Cloud Storage and File Sharing
• Conferencing
• Unified communication
• Wiki
• Enterprise Collaboration Social Networks
• Contact Center Solutions
• Collaboration Endpoints
• Electonric document flow solutions

Internet of Things

People who use the internet of things can live and work more intelligently and have total control over their life. IoT is crucial to business in addition to providing smart home automation devices. With the help of IoT, organizations can see in real-time how their systems actually function, gaining insights into anything from equipment performance to supply chain and logistics activities. Yet, end-users and workplace environments that use IoT-enabled devices may inadvertently introduce added risk to the organization. This might come from IoT data that passes through your enterprise’s “protected spaces”.